Amazon Ministry of Nuts Quiz Answers Today

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Amazon Ministry of Nuts Quiz Answers are as follows-

Q1. Ministry of nuts Family Pack of 5 Packaging is

All of the above

Q2. Ministry of Nuts is Certified by?

All of the above

Q3. The Dry fruits in Ministry of Nuts are

All of the above

Q4. How Many Types Of Nutrifix does Ministry of Nuts have?


Q5. Is Ministry of Nuts Packaging reusable?


Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to play Amazon Ministry of Nuts Quiz ?

  1. Install or Update your Amazon App.

    Quiz is only available at Mobile app or m-site only

  2. Go to Amazon Funzone

    All quiz are available here. Search for on app

  3. Click here to play the game

    You can detect the sale by seeing name and banner.

  4. Answer all 5 questions

    All answer should be correct

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