Top Books to Read in 2022

As New Year is on the way and as we know a good habit known as “reading books” can change your life. In United States many people are still love to buy and read books. So, here we have listed top best selling and must read books, story books, books by famous writers or novels that you should buy and start reading this 2022-

  1. Lullaby
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  3. Invisible Man
  4. Harry Potter Books
  5. Margaret Atwood Books
  6. Captain Underpants
  7. Foundation tv series
  8. Dog Man
  9. Junie B Jones
  10. The Gruffalo
  11. The Babysitters Club
  12. Dune Series
  13. Anthony Horowitz Books
  14. The Love Hypothesis
  15. Gary Paulsen Books
  16. Fire and Blood
  17. Wacky Wednesday
  18. Nicomachean Ethics
  19. Hidden Bodies
  20. Philemon
  21. Twilight Saga
  22. The Handmaid’s Tale
  23. Shadow and Bone
  24. Percy Jackson Books Set
  25. Dr. Seuss Books
  26. Pride and Prejudice Books
  27. Psalm 23
  28. The Great Gatsby

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